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Why Congress Must Fire Trump Now

Why Congress Must Fire Trump Now

On Thursday, the world watched Donald Trump give the most bizarre press conference by any sitting American President. Words cannot express the train wreck we witnessed live on air. Trump’s press conference was an incoherent, contentious, lie filled rollercoaster ride that derailed shortly after it began. It would be difficult for the writers of SNL to capture the bizarreness of the moment.

Since becoming President four weeks ago, Donald Trump and his administration have been enthralled in one controversy after the other. Each new day unfolds into utter chaos, and just when we begin to get a handle on the scandal of the day, some new scandal materializes. We have had a front row seat to what can only be characterized as a reality TV show, and the latest press conference just puts an exclamation mark on the most chaotic first month of any administration.

Over the span of four weeks, Trump has frequently attacked the press, the intelligence community, and the judiciary branch of government. His daily Twitter rants are reminiscent of a hormonal teenager going through puberty. Trump’s outlandish behavior is not characteristic of a competent CEO, nor a leader who is responsible for the lives of 318 million Americans.

Now amidst the turmoil and confusion, another scandal is brewing that could dwarf anything we have seen before including Watergate. Purportedly during the transition, Michael Flynn discussed lifting Russia sanctions with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. Flynn publicly denied discussing lifting sanctions with Kislyak, and he reportedly made the same denials to the FBI. Flynn resigned shortly after the news broke about his deception, and the Trump administration have not clearly explained if Flynn was acting on behalf of the President or himself.

Less than a week later, there was another bombshell story that alleged several Trump aides were in contact with individuals from Russia during the presidential campaign. Paul Manafort, the former campaign manager for the Trump campaign, is purported to be one of Trump’s aides that were in contact with Russia during the campaign. Trump has repeatedly denied not having any contact with Russia, and he has not been able to answer definitely if any of his aides were in constant contact with Russia.

Trump’s erratic behavior, combined with the serious questions surrounding his ties to Russia, puts America and our allies at risk. Congress cannot idly sit by while Trump drives America off a cliff. Trump’s divisive rhetoric, fondness for Russia, and his dangerous anti-democratic views can no longer be ignored. We are way beyond Conservatives versus Liberals, what we are facing is much more serious than that. Our democracy, along with America’s influence and power on the world stage is perilously in jeopardy. The GOP must put party loyalty aside for the greater good of the country. It is time for lawmakers to fulfill their oath to support and defend the Constitution.

If your surgeon was incompetent the way Trump has been incompetent since taking office, would you still allow your surgeon to operate on you? If your attorney spewed out the nonsense Trump has spewed out in just the past week, would you still have your attorney represent you in court? If your answer is no to any one of these questions, then why do you believe we should risk everything on somebody like Trump?

Trump is unfit to serve, period. We must stop sugarcoating the disastrous four weeks and address the elephant in the room. Trump is a pathological liar, he behaves erratically, and he is woefully unqualified to be President of the United States. We are not dealing with a few isolated incidents; the past four weeks are a preview of what to expect. Trump will continue to make alarming and untruthful statements, and Trump’s links to Russia will continue to leak. Eventually, the dam will break, and Congress will be compelled to intervene, but by that time the damage will have already been done.

I understand there are no easy answers here. If the GOP removes Trump from office, they will undoubtedly anger their base and perhaps lose control of Congress in 2018. However, if Republicans do not act immediately, Trump will continue to self-destruct while taking the country along for the ride. Disaffected Conservatives, along with impassioned Liberals and Independents, will help Democrats win back Congress. Gerrymandering and voter suppression will not be enough to overcome the anti-Trump wave.

No, there are no easy answers to resolve this debacle, but do you really want to go off the cliff with Trump? Trump is only loyal to himself, and when Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are forced to distance themselves from the toxic administration, Trump will ultimately turn on the GOP leadership. He will claim establishment Republicans are his enemies, and they never supported him from the beginning. Trump will accuse the GOP of sabotaging his presidency, and he will attempt to galvanize his supporters against the GOP leadership to take the scrutiny off of himself. He will bring down anyone and everyone he can on his way out of office.

Republican and Democratic lawmakers must put their partisan drama aside, and work out a compromise that angers the least amount of Americans. Whether they tackle the problem now or later, Trump’s erratic behavior and the Russia scandal are not going away. When it is proven the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to influence the outcome of the election, millions of angry voters will believe the results of the election are illegitimate.

We will be confronted with a Constitutional crisis on a scale we have never seen before. If millions of American’s begin to believe Trump is not a legitimate President, our allies and enemies will also begin to question his legitimacy. Trump will be ineffective and he will not be able to carry out his duties as President of the United States. Congress must fire Trump now and prevent any further damage from the national fiasco we have all come to know as Donald Trump.

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