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The Kremlin’s Puppet: Chapter 1

The Kremlin’s Puppet: Chapter 1

This is Donald Trump. He plays a billionaire on TV, and he is the current President of the United States.

Before Trump became POTUS, he was a real estate developer and reality TV star. He was better known for his catchphrase “you’re fired.”

Throughout Trump’s business career he has been in and out of financial trouble. Trump has had to file Chapter 11 six times for several of his businesses.

In 1990 Trump was forced to be put on a $450,000 monthly allowance because he was unable to pay off his debt to creditors. Trump was required to cutback his lavish spending and repay what he owed. Trump found it difficult to live on a monthly allowance.

Over the years Trump’s financial troubles continued to persist. During the 2008 financial crisis, Trump was unable to repay his loan to Deutsche Bank or secure additional funding from other commercial banks.

This is Vladimir Putin. He is a billionaire in real life, and he is the current President of Russia.

Putin has very wealthy oligarch friends who launder money all over the world. They buy very expensive properties and often park their money in luxury apartments and mansions located in the United States.

Trump was frantically trying to find new sources of funding, and Putin’s oligarch friends were more than willing to bailout Trump. They needed new places to launder their money, and they viewed Trump as the perfect solution to a growing problem.

This is Dmitry Rybolovlev. He is also a Russian billionaire and close friends with Vladimir Putin.

In 2008, Trump sold his $41 million dollar mansion to Dmitry Rybolovlev for $95 million dollars. Rybolovlev never visited the mansion before purchasing it, and eventually demolished his investment without ever stepping foot on the property.

The 2008 deal was one of many transactions that involved members of the Russian elite and Donald Trump’s properties.

Russian money was flooding in and kept Trump afloat during turbulent times, and now Trump is in debt to wealthy Russian oligarchs and Putin.

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