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The Kremlin’s Puppet: Chapter 3

The Kremlin’s Puppet: Chapter 3

This is Hillary Clinton. She is the former Secretary of State, and she was the 2016 Democratic nominee for President.

Vladimir Putin hates Hillary Clinton. When protests against Putin erupted in Moscow in 2011, Putin blamed Clinton for the protests. Putin understood Clinton was the overwhelming favorite to be the next President of the United States, and he wanted payback. Furthermore, Putin feared if Clinton won the election she would impose more sanctions.

Putin needed an American president that would be sympathetic towards Russia, and Putin couldn’t risk Hillary winning and delay drilling another four years. Putin decided he would not leave it up to fate, and he would meddle in the U.S. election as he has done before in several countries in Europe.

It was crucial that Putin established a mutually beneficial partnership with a GOP candidate that would be friendly towards Russia, and would lift the sanctions when elected. Putin needed a puppet he could control and follow through with his agenda.

Putin knew the perfect puppet for the role, and his name was Donald Trump. Trump was in debt to his Russian oligarch friends, and Putin also had damaging information that made Trump vulnerable to blackmail.

Through one of his close emissaries, Putin made Trump an offer he couldn’t refuse. If Trump ran for president, Putin would forgive all of his debt. Win or lose Trump’s debt would be forgiven. Additionally, if Trump won and lifted the sanctions, Putin would give Trump a percentage of the Rosneft deal.

Trump had no interest in becoming president, but the idea of having all of his debt forgiven was very appealing to him. Trump was arrogant and believed he was smarter than Putin. Trump’s master plan was to pretend to run for president and sabotage his campaign so he would lose.

Putin knew Trump couldn’t be trusted and he anticipated Trump would attempt to lose the election on purpose. Putin was aware of Trump’s previous business dealings and his reputation for deceiving his partners. Putin had no intention of allowing Trump to undermine his plans by losing.


  1. Moet

    26th Apr 2017 - 7:20 PM

    “Win or lose Trump’s debt would be forgiven.” <— One of an infinite number or reasons he won't release his taxes.

  2. Steve

    27th Apr 2017 - 10:05 AM

    With all these pictures, maybe even the Republican readers will understand the story.

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