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The Kremlin’s Puppet: Chapter 7

The Kremlin’s Puppet: Chapter 7

This is John Podesta. He is a longtime friend of the Clinton family, and he is the former chairman of the Hillary Clinton campaign.

In March 2016, Podesta’s personal Gmail account was illegally accessed through a targeted spear-phishing attack.

The Russian hack group known as Fancy Bear was responsible for stealing 10 years worth of emails from Podesta’s Gmail account.

Putin understood he couldn’t just leak Podesta’s emails; he needed a middleman that could strategically release the emails while allowing Russia to deny any involvement.

This is Julian Assange. He is the founder of Wikileaks and sympathetic to Putin’s mission to undermine American democracy.

Julian Assange agreed to secretly coordinate with Russia and the Trump campaign to strategically release Podesta’s emails. Putin now had what he needed to orchestrate an effective October surprise.


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